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High Presidential Commission for The Bicentennial


The National Government, by promoting the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia, wants to stimulate in the citizens the exercise of democracy and to motivate their participation in the construction of the national project which inspires the political constitution.

This commemoration will be the great public forum about values, ideas and themes which support our collective national project, which comprises liberty, autonomy, democracy, decentralization, citizenship, difference, diversity, multiculturalism, sustainable development and history.

We Colombians shall debate from the local, regional and national scenarios what we are and dream to be as a Nation. The Bicentennial leads us to think over our past and openly participate in a real “national dialogue”.

The programs and projects of the Institutions of the Government committed with the commemoration, propose that Colombians completely assume the condition of historical subjects, participants of the political, economical, social and cultural processes of our country. In this way, the citizens will rewrite, rethink and reinterpret the history and shall transform it in the light of our founding values, which are democracy and liberty.

Once the commemorative acts of the Bicentennial are over, the Nation shall discover itself as different, fairer and more communitarian.

The Bicentennial of Colombia should give us Colombians the right to be more and the duty to be more in the benefit of the country.

For the commemoration of this great event, on February, 2008 the President of the Republic, Alvaro Uribe Velez, through Decree 446 created the High Presidential Commission for the Bicentennial of the Independence and appointed Maria Cecilia Donado.


General Objetive

Coordinate the commemorative acts of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia which shall take place on July 20, 2010, as well as the historical moment comprised between 1808 and 1819, that is, from the French invasion to Spain until the creation of the Republic.

Specific Objetives

  • Promote new narratives, stories and interpretations of history, inclusive and plural, which guarantee the national dialogue and the local histories.
  • Celebrate and stimulate democracy and its most representative values.

Among the actions carried out by the High Commission for the Bicentennial are:


Creation of The Bicentennial Foundation

With the intention to convoke the private sector and the citizens to commemorate the Independence and for the purpose of helping the High Presidential Commission for the Bicentennial to coordinate the task with public and public/private entities, the Bicentennial for the Independence of Colombia Foundation, a nonprofit entity of private nature, was created.

Mission of the Foundation: Promote a greater knowledge and understanding of the process of the independence of Colombia and its historical consequences, with the participation of the private sector and including the majority of Colombians in every region of the country, through strategies of massive communication. The Foundation shall support the High Commission in the promotion and execution of projects and contests which are a part of the commemoration of the Independence of Colombia and shall seek:

  • Better knowledge and understanding of the history of Independence
  • Strengthening of the national sentiment
  • Promotion of our culture
  • Education and investigation
  • Execution and disclosure of publications
  • Reflections on who we are and where we are going

With the help of several interdisciplinary groups, the Foundation works in the production of contents related with the history of the Independence. These contents shall be broadly spread in the media through products such as books, booklets, documentaries, leaflets, CDs and DVDs.

This entity was created with the support of Ecopetrol, Unión Fenosa, Bavaria, Bancolombia, Terpel, Promigas, Telefónica and the National Federation of Coffee Growers and has established strategic alliances with Revista Semana, El Tiempo, El Espectador, Periódicos Asociados, Caracol Radio, Canal Caracol, RCN Radio, Canal RCN and RTVC. 


Coordination with Territorial Entities

The subject of the Bicentennial of the Independence shall be included in the different plans of action in the state and municipal levels. The objective is to tell the story of the independence from the regions´ points of views and live the celebration of the Bicentennial.


Logo of The Bicentennial

Colombians started to vibrate with the subject of the bicentennial through a contest for the logo lead by the High Commission for the Bicentennial resulting in the bicentennial being moved by design and art with the vibrant colors of our national flag which radiate sources of life and energy.

It was 600 Colombians who pretended to recreate and turn into a symbol the importance of the Bicentennial which we are preparing with enormous joy and sense of Nationhood. The winner was the design made by Silvio Vela Correa, a plastic artist from Bogota. This logo reflects, with great visual impact, the geographic and human richness of our country and its projection to the future.

From then forward, the stationary, the ads, the products belonging to the sponsors which become a part of the celebration of the Bicentennial, shall have this tricolour map of Colombia, expanded into success’ stars as a symbol which inspires us to think over about who we are and what we want to become as a nation.


Web page of The Bicentennial

The objective of the web page is to publicize, in the national and international levels, each and every one of the different activities which are being developed around the bicentennial of our independence and with a view for every visitor and according to the needs of those consulting the page.

The address of our web page is:

  • Our web page has the following information:
  • Information of the High Commission for the Bicentennial
  • Anecdotes of our history
  • Initiatives of Other Entities (public and private)
  • Historical context (important years, galleries, character of the month and time line)
  • Rules and control


Events and Activities

Meeting with Our History

This was an academic, economic, social, political and cultural forum, rich in discussions related to historical contents, schools of thought and visions of history. It was held in Cartagena de Indias from October 21-23, 2009 and was attended by 37 historians, academics and opinion leaders, both Colombian and foreign.

Savoring Our History

Is a gastronomic journey through our culinary customs, supported by investigations carried out by the Colombian Academy of Gastronomy reliving in each region of the country the traditions of the New Granada which are fundamental to understand who we are and why we are this way. Food is an integral part of our culture, it defines its characteristics, its traditions and is a part of our history.

Local Meetings with Our History

These conferences are carried out in the capital cities and municipalities of the Liberty Route. The subjects will be chosen with the support of the Academy of History of the regions and the diffusion and publicizing support will be received from the Governor’s and Mayor’s local offices.

Its main objective is to recognize and build from the local point of view the importance of the independence through the years, transmitting the historical importance with its legacy to the other regions of the country.

Contest of Local Histories

Contest of historical essays related with the process of independence in the local scenarios of the Viceroyalty of Santa Fe: cities, villages, parishes, Indian towns, slave communities, haciendas, etc. (1808-1820). The starting date is the first week of July, 2009 and the closing date is August 30, 2009.

Every Colombian historian, interested in the study of the local and regional life, may be able to participate without restriction of age or gender.


Advisory Bodies

Intersectoral Commission for the Bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia was created through Decree No. 2275 -2008, issued on June 23, 2008.

Its main objective is to orientate the execution of the policies for the commemoration of the bicentennial and is composed by the Ministries of State and Justice, Foreign Affairs, Finances and Public Credit, National Defense, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, National Education, Communications, Transportation and Culture; the Administrative Department of the Presidency of the Republic, the National Department of Planning and the General Director of Public Budget (attached is a schedule of projects from the different State Entities).

Honor Commission for the Bicentennial of the Independence of Colombia was created through Decree No. 2585 -2008, issued on July 15, 2008.

Four former presidents of the Republic, 30 Colombians and an Englishman with Colombian soul compose the advisory group which represents the different aspects of our knowledge, of our political, cultural, economic, scientific and artistic experiences and which is the guiding light of this historical commemoration, making it possible for July 20, 2010 to be remembered as a historical event united in its diversity and trusting in the benefits that the future may bring.


International Participation

Taking into account the importance of the commemoration of the independence in the continent, the Iberoamerican Bicentennial Group, was created with Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay and México being a part of it. The Group met twice in 2008 in Sucre - Bolivia and in April, 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Colombia shall receive the Pro Tempore Secretariate as from the second semester of 2010.


The Bicentennial will have the Independence as its heart, Colombia as its center and the world as its spectator.

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